Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group

We are a not-for-profit, student-run consulting, marketing, and product development organization at Yale.

Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group

We are a not-for-profit, student-run consulting, marketing, and product development organization at Yale.

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Yale Consulting engagements focus on one of the three following disciplines

We are committed to understanding our clients' needs and delivering the most resourceful, timely, and actionable advice and marketing material. An Engagement Manager will work with you to determine which division best fits the needs of your project.



  • Business plan formulation
  • Product specification


  • Market Research
  • Focus Groups


  • Connection to college campuses
  • Viral campaigns


  • Logo Design
  • Image Consulting


  • Web Design
  • Web Development


  • Build Business Models
  • Competitive Feature Analyses

Strategy Consulting

We have clientele ranging from multinational corporations to fledgling startups. Our status as an undergraduate organization gives us a fresh perspective on twenty-first century market problems. Strategy Consulting members are passionate about applying creative solutions to challenging issues, expediting the flow of information from native sources to clients, and using every opportunity to improve their breadth of knowledge.

Members of Strategy Consulting have gone on to internships and full-time positions with McKinsey and Co., the Boston Consulting Group, The Parthenon Group, and other major consulting firms. In fact, the interview process for admittance to this division requires a case interview. Members also practice case interviews as a group to develop a professional approach to problem solving and prepare for the job market after Yale.

Marketing Consulting

The Marketing Consulting branch applies fresh thinking and up-to-date methodologies to develop effective marketing strategies for our clients. For scalable, high-impact, and low-cost marketing campaigns we emphasize use of online portals and networks. As college students with dispodable incomes, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of the latest trends relevant to Generation Y customers. We also conduct marketing campaigns themselves, adverising services and products to students from the source they find most reliable - their peers.

Product Development

The Product Development Group specializes in assisting clients in a wide array of programming oriented spaces, including Web 2.0 apps, mobile apps, big data analysis, and algorithm development. Product Development Group recruits heavily from the Yale Computer Science department. Members have received full-time and internship offers from large technology firms such as Google, Oracle, and Microsoft, as well as smaller companies like Pixorial, Fog Creek, and TripAdvisor. In fact, application to the Product Development Group requires a technical interview with questions often used for development opportunities with the aforementioned firms.

Teams in this division also include business oriented members who would otherwise join a Strategy Consulting Team. These members assess our clients' business models and product feature sets to ensure their programmer partners devote their resources to the creating technology well suited for problem at hand.

About Us

Who We Are

The Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group (formerly Maya) is an undergraduate-run consulting group offering strategy consulting, marketing, and product development services to businesses. We offer a full range of consulting services, take a hands-on approach to developing applicable strategies, and help implement them for our clients.

Teams of four or five students are led by a Project Manager who acts as the primary client liaison and ensures the team provides only the highest quality outcome. Teams are designed to include a balance of experienced upperclassmen and newcomers, and they often include students with internship experience at major consulting, financial, marketing, or product develoment firms. The recruitment process is a careful, highly selective process modeled after the best practices of management consulting and technology firms so our clients can be confident that only the most dedicated and effective students are on each engagement.



Note: The Product Development Group's projects are minimum viable products for startups in stealth mode and therefore not shown

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Contact Information

Feel free to contact us for information on potential projects, recruiting, partnerships, sponsorships, and any other inquiries.